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So what is an art piece?

Each art piece is unique because of a combination of properties like wall material, guards, escape, art on the wall etc. Some of these attributes (sunset, famous graffiti) are rarer than others (musician, kid and cat), so it will make the reselling price of MAUER NFTs different.

  • No minting fee. And we pay the gas fees!

  • 51% of the proceeds go to BLINDSPOTS charity organisation.

  • Minted on eco-friendly Polygon, an Ethereum based scaling blockchain.

  • MAUER NFT is built on ERC1155 protocol and can be resold on Opensea anytime.

The Sandbox is joining our Stand with Ukraine. You can show your support and help us preserve Ukraine in the Metaverse, all while directly helping people in need in Ukraine.

We’re selling 10,000 editions of the Wave for Ukraine asset for 100% charity and Sandbox will match the donation. Together, we can raise $2,000,000 to help Ukrainians in need.

Step 1: Buy this NFT with an animation of the flag. Share it to show your support. Step 2: At the end of April, all original buyers get an airdrop with the Sandbox Asset NFT.

The asset consists of the flagpole with base and a waving Ukrainian flag. It has an in-game height equivalent of 25 meters high and the flag stretches out almost 8 meters. Place it on your land and no one will doubt your support!

  • The Sandbox will match all purchases with an equal donation. If we sell out that means $2,000,000 to help Ukrainian charities.

  • 100% of the proceeds go to the charities of your choice. Only unavoidable fees and taxes are deducted.

  • At the end of April, every wallet that purchased this NFT will get an airdrop with the Sandbox flag asset.

  • This NFT can be freely sold on OpenSea. Any sale includes a 10% royalty fee, which will also go to your chosen charity.


Felipe Posada

"My artwork is a journey through The Invisible Realm: a dimension where visions, memories, intuition and dreams take visual form. Through my work I revisit concepts that have fascinated me and intrigued throughout my life. The results, often unpredictable, are compositions filled with symbolism and hidden meaning. Subjects such as metaphysics, mythology, space exploration, astrology, sacred geometry and anthroposophy, can often be found in my artwork, sometimes infused with a dash of retrofuturistic nostalgia and mixed with the inevitable influence of pop culture that engulfs us. Therefore it is valid to say that my work relates to my own existence but it also makes part of a greater conscience ...or to be more precise, to the collective unconscious." - Felipe Posada

From Drop 2, we starting to donate to Blindspots charity organisation

Blindspots works together with local support structures and organizations in places of humanitarian crisis . Through ongoing exchange with people on the ground, we formulate relevant projects and collaborative methods of contribution. In this way we are able to lend assistance quickly and remain flexible to the ever-changing situation with the people and groups we are working with.

Charity Report (in USD)


We’re proud to partner with one of the biggest Metaverse players: The Sandbox. The Sandbox is a decentralised, community-driven virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences.

This partnership enables us to start building a permanent presence in the Metaverse and provide all MAUER holders with great utility and bonus value, along with the gorgeous art. In Sandbox, MAUER holders will be gifted special limited edition assets and get access to special experiences. MAUER’s home in Sandbox will be built step-by-step until we complete the NFT collection in Q2 of 2022.

We will celebrate the collection’s completion by destroying a virtual representation of the Berlin Wall together with all Sandbox players. The destruction game event will also open the city of Old Berlin as a Sandbox game experience where you will get to partake in games, enjoy art and concerts, join special events, and much more. MAUER holders will enjoy a VIP experience in Old Berlin.

Hope to see you later in The Sandbox!

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Rush the Wall. Take part in a barrier breaking NFT art project.

60 years have passed since the Berlin Wall was built. MAUER is an art project that will tell the extraordinary stories of a divided world, as relevant today as it ever was. We’re building a digital Berlin Wall of 10,316 unique art pieces - one for every day the Wall stood. Each Section of MAUER will be sold as an NFT and a majority of the proceeds will go to charities that work for freedom and democracy across borders.

New graffiti for digital concrete.

Inspired by the mosaic of graffiti that adorned the Berlin Wall, we will commission several artists to create new art on MAUER. The artists will create pieces that reflect on the history of the Berlin Wall, the walls we have around us in the present and visions for a future with or without walls.

Attributes telling true stories.

Each and every Section of MAUER is equipped with a number of attributes that make it unique. These attributes will tell true stories about the Berlin Wall - how it was built, defended and defeated by resolute protest and daring escapes. Stories of heroes, villains and a few special visitors. Some combinations of attributes will be more rare than others. While all Sections tell a story, rarer ones will generally hold higher value after the Wall is demolished and the project is completed. But in the spirit of democracy, every buyer has the same chance of getting the rarer Sections.



    Jane Helmchen arrived in Berlin as the Wall was built and stayed to start a family in a divided city. Her American passport also made her an agent of information between East and West.


    Co-founder Patrik Arnesson talks MAUER and the accessibility of NFTs with Scarlet Fu on Bloomberg's Quicktake the Lead.


    Patrik speaks about NFTs and Metaverse on BBC Radio 4’ “Today” programme (segment begins at 1:22:13)

Breaking the wall of crypto investing.

You don’t need crypto currency to join the project. We want to remove the barriers of NFTs and make them more freely available. We also want MAUER to be a simple and reasonable way of getting into crypto. For that reason, you will be able to buy a Section of MAUER with a regular credit card. We will take care of the minting and deliver the finished NFT to you.

Bring your hammer. MAUER must fall!

On the 9th of November 1989 the Berlin Wall finally fell. A moment that still ripples through history. In 2022 we will recreate this moment in the Metaverse. All holders of a MAUER NFT on midnight Nov 9th will get a ticket to participate in the Demolition Event on that day. The event will itself be made into a one-of-a-kind NFT and as a holder your name will be featured as a demolisher of MAUER. This single edition Event NFT will then be auctioned with all proceeds going directly to community selected charities.


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